How to order our products:

How to read an ebook ? Tutorial.

The ebooks will be in epub format for your touchpad and cellphones or in pdf format for your PC.

The Cd’s and Dvd’s will be in .zip format.

How to unzip a file ?


1)    Install (if not already done) a utility software that will enable you to unzip :

7Zip :

Winzip :

2)   Unzip your products.

When the utility software is installed, go in « My computer », Disk C Download, or on the download arrow of firefox then show the downloads.

Right click on the file, go to the download adress and right click. 7-zip will appear, extract the files and define a disk space to locate the files.

3)     The files will now be on your hard disk. For the videos or 12 Cd’s, you will have around 3-4 files to download to have access to the whole product.

For more information :


What is the difference between an ePub and a Pdf ?




. E Pub are adapted for novels and books with a limited amount of pictures.

•     PDF are useful for books with many pictures or complex layout.


• You can extend the text and change the police.

• You can highlight words, sentences, a whole text and even look for words

• You can scrlol the text with your fingers.

·         The printed page is repoduced with accuracy.

·         You can zoom in/out so as to read the text better.

·        You can use the Navigation Bar to turn the pages


No layout.

Less fitted for books with pictures.

Does not adjust with the size of your screen.

No possibility to modify the tete.