78. Mary Johnes and her Bible.

The story of a young girl who saved for six years and walked twenty-five miles to own a Bible in her own language.

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21. The Bible and the pair of glasses

Whilst visiting an elderly lady, the pastor asked her if she possessed a Bible."Oh Pastor," she said, "how can you ask me such a question? We are not heathens here!"
She turned to her daughter and asked "Will you go and fetch my Bible?".

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52. Hearing the voice of God !

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46.Last words

A man faces becoming dumb from a serious illness. What were his last words?

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13. Casualty!

This story occurs in a hospital in the countryside where a surgeon is not available all the time.A surgeon hurriedly entered the hospital, having been called in for an urgent operation. He

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My name is Pastor Jean-Louis Gaillard, I have collected over 3000 stories in the last 30 years

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Pastor Jean-Louis Gaillard has been producing programs for Christian radio and television stations worldwide for the past 5 years. His collection of stories are taken from his radio and television broadcasts and are intended to be listened to daily over the course of a year. Most of the stories are either true or inspired from actual events and aim to encourage believers in their Christian walk. CD’s, DVD’s and e-books of these stories are available for sale on this site. All proceeds go towards production and broadcasting costs. Enjoy listening and may you be encouraged by God!


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